Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Beyond Reason - It's Just Begun 7" & Notes From The South compilation 7"

Check it out - a Florida hardcore Youth Bus Records two-fer! First up is the Beyond Reason 7", "It's Just Begun", with four powerful yet fun tracks. Released in 1990, but reminds me a lot of bands that were around in the mid-to-late-80's like Bustin' Out and Unit Pride.

Up next, a 7" compilation, "Notes From The South" featuring an array of bands from Florida: The Believers, whom I posted about a short while ago, a little heavier act called Hangman, then Beyond Reason and, ending off the compilation with my personal favorite tracks, Ego-Trip. This deserves to be the "We Can't Help It If We're From Florida" of the 90's. Track after track of unique hardcore happening in Florida that has somehow flown under the radar for all but those involved, or so it seems. Oh, did I mention the Beyond Reason record come with a huge fold out insert, and the compilation comes with an excellent lyric booklet, all of which are scanned and included in this download?

Here's the Ego-Trip pages of the booklet... How cool is this?! I need more info!

So there you have it. Youth Bus Records #1 and #2, discovered as I promised I'd try to do in the post about The Believers. Now for #3-5... I seriously have to find the Ego Trip "Together In The Mind" 7" if it is anywhere near as awesome as these compilation tracks.

d/l here:
Beyond Reason - It's Just Begun

d/l here too:
Notes From The South compilation

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Exact Change Radio: Photo Retrospect

Here are some photos from over the course of Exact Change Radio that have never been posted on this site before. Enjoy and thanks again to everyone who ever called in, sat in, played on air, spoke with me on air, or took the time to listen in.

Ramses live demo debut and interview. From left to right: myself, Sam Pea, Ty Hammy, Josh H., Steve B., Julio and Steph.
 Hit List live in the studio. From left to right: myself, Lennon, Joey C., Dave, Bobby J, Steve B. and Joey V.

 An average week in the studio. From left to right: Andrew of All Waves Radio, myself and Julio of Metalstorm. 

Left photo: myself and my good friend (and sometimes co-host!) Andrew. 
Right photo: the incredibly supportive and patient Steph, who was with me in the studio every week, and myself.

Last radio show. From left to right: Sara B., Melon G., Steph, Andrew, myself, Kent and Nate H.

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Believers - Demo 1987 CS

The Believers were a short lived band from South Florida in the late 80's until the early 90's. This demo could also be called the "Half Way Home Demo" but because it was originally uploaded on Soundcloud as "Demo 1987" I decided to keep it as such.

Played around the same time as Powerhouse, but gained way less attention abroad for whatever reason. No big label signing, so less of a modern following I guess? This demo is equal parts cartoon edgeman mosh, as the cover drawing would have you expect, but also a decent dose of melodic guitar work.

As far as I know this is their only recorded material aside from a compilation track on the "Notes From The South" compilation 7" on Youth Bus Records with a few other lesser talked about Florida hardcore bands Hangman, Beyond Reason and Ego-Trip. They also played a reunion a few years back in South Florida and Reel and Restless Fest. I remember this show happening, but during my "driving four hours for a show is lame" phase... also known as my "no job and no money" phase. Doy!

If you have any information about this band, please get in touch with me, I'd love to learn more. Until then, enjoy this demo of a decent length!

d/l here:
The Believers - Demo 1987

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cashing Out

The last Exact Change Radio broadcast on Bulls Radio will be today, 4 - 5 PM EST. Tune in online at to hear the final tracks aired as well as some very special interviews.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mistaken Identity - Sheep 7"

Florida has a vast history of fast punk from the 80's and 90's, and this Mistaken Identity 7" fits right in. The fuzzed out guitars and whined vocals perfectly pair the annoyed-at-the-world lyrics. This band definitely fits the feel of the early FL punk bands that loved to sound angry while simultaneously poking fun at everything, including themselves. I was gifted this rare record by my friend Ellie and was fortunate enough to speak with the singer, Doug, for a history on the band, since not much information is found online. Here's what Doug had to contribute...

"There isn't much to tell about Mistaken Identity, but I'll try. It all started back in 1986...

We started out playing covers of The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Fear, Black Flag, and we were terrible, obviously.

After a couple of years and some reassigned roles (I was moved from drums to vocals) we started writing a few originals and put out a demo in 1988. We played at most local venues, including Club Detroit, Arts Alive, and The Ritz. Opened for D.R.I., Rancid, Blatherskite, did a few hardcore festivals with Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and mostly just did local shows with our friends. We recorded the 7" in 1993. It got a pretty good review in Maximum Rocknroll. We split up soon after that because it was mainly just for fun and we had milked it dry.

The best times were spent playing shows with other local bands like Assück, Manic Dose, Ima, No Fraud, The People's Court, Toilet Birth, Scrog, Pink Lincolns, and dozens more awesome bands.

We split up in '93 and never really looked back. We played a set on WMNFs "Harmful Emissions" show, hosted by Steve Heritage of Assück. It was the last time we played together.

Of course there's more to it than that but that's all I can remember. It was fun."

Thanks to Doug for all the information. As far as I know, this is the first time these recordings have been posted online. This download also includes scans of all the inserts and artwork on the Sheep 7".

d/l here:
Mistaken Identity - Sheep

Monday, November 9, 2015

Todd Youth on Exact Change Radio 11/12/2015

Tune in this Thursday for an exclusive phone interview with Todd Youth of NYHC fame, who played in a slew of bands like Agnostic Front, Warzone, Murphy's Law, Danzig and many, many more.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

少女人形 ‎– 少女人形 7" Flexi-disc


This self titled 7" flexi-disc by Japan's 少女人形, pronounced "Shojoningyo" and meaning "Girl doll", is a six song release of full on punk attack released in 1985. Two years after the release of Jerry's Kid's "Is This My World?" and one year after the release of Confuse's "Nuclear Addicts", this lesser heard 7" throws sounds curated by records such as those into a catchy blender of noise and melody to churn out this crisp, clean product. Since most of the titles are in Japanese, here are some rough translations.

1 - Ona-pet
2 - グチャグチャ (Messy)
3 - 偽りの世界 (False World)
4 - 死物狂い (Shinimonogurui - meaning "desperation" or "struggle to the death")
5 - 闇討ち (Sneak Attack)
6 - つまんない (Boring)

"Shojoningyo" released two other 7" records on Lovely Chaos Record and had a compilation track on a cassette compilation but out by 胎内レーベル, roughly translated "Womb Label", but this 7" was self-released on no label. This download includes the cover art, the a-side of the flexi-disc, and all six tracks separated out. Recommended for fans of bands such as Gauze, Lip Cream and Gas who want something familiar yet new. You may not recognize this as an essential Japanese hardcore classic, but it certainly stands out as more than just a flimsy, dollar bin noise punk record.

d/l here: 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Exact Change Radio November/December Promo

Respect to Alone In A Crowd as the inspiration for this last promotional flyer for the radio show. December 10th will be the last broadcast of Exact Change Radio on Bulls Radio, so make sure to tune in every week until then.

New rare downloads from Mistaken Identity, 少女人形 and more coming soon to the blog.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

All Demos, All Day 10/8/2015

Today's show is entirely comprised of rare demo tracks from the 80's (and maybe one or two from the 90's) so be sure to tune in at 4 PM on! This is the first time I have had an entire program dedicated to demos, so you'll be sure to hear some new bands and songs. Thanks to Lennon Livesay for the flyer.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ramses' "Demo MMXV" Listening Party

October is looking to be a promising month for the radio show. For the first show of the month, tune in to hear an exclusive stream of the brand new demo from Ramses out of Florida. Bands like Axis, Blistered and Point Blank have made a name for themselves nationally. This demo is a promising look at what Florida's new wave of heavy bands have to offer. Tune in to hear it before it's publicly available on Thursday, October 1st from 4-5 PM on Exact Change Radio on

Full stream and band interview available by clicking here. Check out Ramses' bandcamp here.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Deathtribe - nothing your leader CS

Deathtribe has two releases: this six track demo and a split 7" with Kriegshög. This particular cassette came out in 2007 on the label Hardcore Survives and is now out of print. You may recognize this name from their other releases by bands such as Mob 47, D-Clone, Isterismo, and even Florida's own Mauser. You can check out the label information and all the currently in-stock releases via their website, which you can browse here.

You can tell Deathtribe has done their fair share of studying up on classic Japanese punk while soaking this demo in their own aggressive shouting and slobbering. While this may not be regarded as one of the more "essential" releases on Hardcore Survives, it's a great starting point for both the label (literally) and any listener looking to sample what Japan has to offer in the world of punk.

d/l here:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Exact Change Radio Now Thursdays 4 - 5 PM EST

We moved - one last time! Exact Change Radio will now be every Thursday from 4 to 5 PM EST on Be sure to listen in tomorrow, 8/27/2015, as we are doing a HUGE trivia and giveaway.

Every 15 minutes we'll present a trivia question and an opportunity to win one of five prizes. If no one calls or no one gets the answer correct - the prizes will roll over into the next round! So you have the potential to win FOUR prizes by listening and calling in. The number for the studio is (813) 974 - 9285.

Looking forward to an awesome kick-off broadcast and even better final semester. E C R

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Funeral System - Demo 2015 CS

Funeral System is a howling metal punk band from Plant City, FL. The duo came together and debuted with this four track demo early in 2015. The members are credited on the included insert as "Drums: Black Blade" and "Guitar/Vocals: Anointer". This may ring a bell if you are from Florida, as there have been a few limited solo releases under the name Anointer. You can hear one track here.

Besides Anointer, members of Funeral System also play in Shadow Laughter, State Intoxication and a few other local acts with unreleased material. The tracks on this demo average at about a little over a minute in length each. All four have lyrics pertaining to war, death and corruption of power. If you want to give it a listen before you give it a download, the full demo is available on YouTube here.

Funeral System has only played a couple of shows; one of them can be viewed here in full. Funeral System combines the raw drive of Japanese bands like Disclose and Confuse with the evil scowl of Abigail, while still melding well with Florida contemporaries such as Radiation or Allergy.

d/l here:
Funeral System - Demo 2015 CS

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Upheaval - Downfall Of The Ascendancy Of Man CD

Upheaval was a vegan straight edge band from Indianapolis on Eulogy Records. This five track release came out in 1997 as Eulogy Records #4. This release blends together the brutal onslaught of death metal with some hardcore tinges, as well as a few pleasant, melodic moments of guitar work. Upheaval only had one other official release, "Testimony To The Atrocities", in 2000.

The third track, "The Descending Path", was featured on the most recent Exact Change Radio show; unfortunately, the show did not podcast correctly. Another track will be featured on the next show, and here you have a chance to check out the whole release.

d/l here:
Upheaval - Downfall Of The Ascendancy Of Man CD

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer of Exact Change

Summer is officially here, and Exact Change Radio is still continuing every Wednesday 6 - 7 PM EST. There will be shows all summer unless otherwise noted on the air or on this blog. The first two shows have already taken place and can be heard here and here. On the show this week, I'll be focusing on one of my long time favorite punk bands, the Ramones. Be sure to tune in to hear more Ramones tracks than usual.

If you want to check out the Exact Change available releases, discuss having your band play live in the studio, or if you just want to come say hi, ECR will have a table set up at this show next week. See you at the first official HC summer gig!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Divided By Hate - Sediments of Shame 7"

Interesting slice of Connecticut hardcore from 1997. Only wax released by the band and only release besides a demo tape. Released on East Coast Empire Records, who continued to put out Reach the Sky, fortydaysrain and Integrity releases through the nineties until the early 2000's.

This 7" has melodic parts, heavy parts and metallic parts. The recording quality and guitar tone and mix brings to mind Hatebreed's "Under the Knife" 7", a record released only a year earlier from possibly the largest CT hardcore group. What really stood out to me personally about the release is the vocal delivery. Anyone from Florida might recognize the vocals are eerily similar to FL's own Axis, on their Rites of Passage 7" released in 2011. I highly recommend this band to anyone who loves that record. There is also plenty of low drowning talking parts on this record. Not to mention just plain aggressive, tough sounding breakdowns that don't come across as stale or uninteresting.

This download includes all four songs and scans of the artwork, insert and labels.

d/l here:
Divided By Hate - Sediments of Shame

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Radio Show of April

Please be sure to tune in for a very special show tonight - as usual, 6 PM EST on !

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brandon Hardcore: Music For The Kids Compilation 7"

Burn Brandon Records #5. This free compilation 7" was put together by the Burn Brandon Collective in 2007. 500 copies were pressed and given away for free. As the back cover of this record so delicately puts it, "If you had to pay anything to get this record, please go back and punch the dude who sold it to you in the nose". Thankfully, my friend Blue gave me my copy, so no punching was necessary.

Featured bands are Gross National Product, Reckless Deerhunters, Small Talk Death, Machete Attack, Control de Estado and Bad Eating Habits. Scans of the cover art, insert art and label art all all included in the download. Front cover art you see here done by Scott C. Bentz, back cover design by Bob Suren.

Unfortunately on this rip I somehow ended up not recording one of the Machete Attack songs. I didn't want to wait until I had another chance to properly rip it as it could be a while, so I recorded a very rough version of it on my phone. If you are after a cleaner rip of "To Live and Die In My Head", send me an e-mail and I promise I'll get around to it... maybe.

d/l here:
Brandon Hardcore: Music For The Kids

Monday, March 9, 2015

Gross National Product - Ronald McVomit's 14 Song Happy Meal 7"

Female fronted punk from Brandon, FL. 14 quick and simple songs from a recording session of 17 songs, two of which will be on the Brandon Hardcore compilation to be uploaded soon. The bass player of GNP was Bob Suren, whose full phone interview on the radio show can be found here. This 7" was released on Bacon Towne Records. From their blog, which can be found here...

"2. Gross National Product "Ronald McVomit's 14-Song Happy Meal" BTR002 1,000 copies. First 250 on hand-numbered green vinyl. Comes with comic book and poster. 50 copies come with hand-screened vellum cover."

Scans of poster and insert included in this download, but not the coloring book or vellum cover... yet. Will upload and post a link to just that on this post at a later point in time. In the meantime, enjoy the music.

d/l here:
Gross National Product - Ronald McVomit's 14 Song Happy Meal

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Exact Change Radio - Now on Wednesday

Listen in tonight at as we kick off the new semester on a new night.
January show schedule:

1/14/2015 - First Wednesday night show ft. Dog Julio's Metal segment.
1/21/2015 - Florida Punk & Hardcore ft. Bob Suren (Failure Face, MSP, author of "Cratedigger")
1/28/2015 - Crisis Unit live set & interview

Make sure to keep checking the archive to listen to these shows after they air.