Thursday, July 30, 2015

Upheaval - Downfall Of The Ascendancy Of Man CD

Upheaval was a vegan straight edge band from Indianapolis on Eulogy Records. This five track release came out in 1997 as Eulogy Records #4. This release blends together the brutal onslaught of death metal with some hardcore tinges, as well as a few pleasant, melodic moments of guitar work. Upheaval only had one other official release, "Testimony To The Atrocities", in 2000.

The third track, "The Descending Path", was featured on the most recent Exact Change Radio show; unfortunately, the show did not podcast correctly. Another track will be featured on the next show, and here you have a chance to check out the whole release.

d/l here:
Upheaval - Downfall Of The Ascendancy Of Man CD

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