Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dead Serious, Free Thought and Smorgasbord Zines

Here's hoping you all found love this Valentine's Day. Maybe for you, love is drooling over old, yellowed pieces of paper with outdated information and photos of sweaty young guys jumping around. Well, look no further, hardcore freaks! Here's not one, not two, but THREE hardcore fanzines scanned in .jpeg and .pdf format for your enjoyment.

These Dead Serious and Free Thought issues came from the collection of Jeff Terranova (Smorgasbord Records/Up Front). Ironically enough, the Smorgasbord Zine did not come from Jeff, but was a gift from my girlfriend Steph (you're the best!) - the Smorgasbord Zine is missing a few pieces of pages towards the end as they were cut out for use in flyers, ads etc. many moons ago.

So grab some Ben & Jerry's, kick back in your recliner, and take some time to read over these interviews with bands like The Believers & Powerhouse from FL, the underrated Inner Strength (Victory Records), straight edge legends like Youth Of Today and Unit Pride, and many, many more!

d/l here:
Dead Serious Issue #2 images | pdf
Free Thought Fanzine #1 images | pdf
Smorgasbord Zine #1 images | pdf

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Search For Purpose - Eternal Emotion LP Out Now

It's been a whopping near-five months since our last update. Have ya missed us? Exact Change Records is back and strong for 2019 with the full length release of Search For Purpose's "Eternal Emotion" LP, a joint effort from North Carolina's best and brightest with Plead Your Case Records.

Search For Purpose has been playing shows around the north-east lately and just came down to Tampa for FYA Fest. You can pick up a copy of the record here through our online store. Thanks everyone for the patience on this, orders are now shipping as they are placed! Any pre-orders through the Plead Your Case store were shipped out last month.

There's more to come, sooner than later this time... but that's all for now! Feel free to send demo submissions or other mail to to be reviewed in the next issue of Exact Change Fanzine out next month.