Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ramses' "Demo MMXV" Listening Party

October is looking to be a promising month for the radio show. For the first show of the month, tune in to hear an exclusive stream of the brand new demo from Ramses out of Florida. Bands like Axis, Blistered and Point Blank have made a name for themselves nationally. This demo is a promising look at what Florida's new wave of heavy bands have to offer. Tune in to hear it before it's publicly available on Thursday, October 1st from 4-5 PM on Exact Change Radio on

Full stream and band interview available by clicking here. Check out Ramses' bandcamp here.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Deathtribe - nothing your leader CS

Deathtribe has two releases: this six track demo and a split 7" with Kriegshög. This particular cassette came out in 2007 on the label Hardcore Survives and is now out of print. You may recognize this name from their other releases by bands such as Mob 47, D-Clone, Isterismo, and even Florida's own Mauser. You can check out the label information and all the currently in-stock releases via their website, which you can browse here.

You can tell Deathtribe has done their fair share of studying up on classic Japanese punk while soaking this demo in their own aggressive shouting and slobbering. While this may not be regarded as one of the more "essential" releases on Hardcore Survives, it's a great starting point for both the label (literally) and any listener looking to sample what Japan has to offer in the world of punk.

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