Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brandon Hardcore: Music For The Kids Compilation 7"

Burn Brandon Records #5. This free compilation 7" was put together by the Burn Brandon Collective in 2007. 500 copies were pressed and given away for free. As the back cover of this record so delicately puts it, "If you had to pay anything to get this record, please go back and punch the dude who sold it to you in the nose". Thankfully, my friend Blue gave me my copy, so no punching was necessary.

Featured bands are Gross National Product, Reckless Deerhunters, Small Talk Death, Machete Attack, Control de Estado and Bad Eating Habits. Scans of the cover art, insert art and label art all all included in the download. Front cover art you see here done by Scott C. Bentz, back cover design by Bob Suren.

Unfortunately on this rip I somehow ended up not recording one of the Machete Attack songs. I didn't want to wait until I had another chance to properly rip it as it could be a while, so I recorded a very rough version of it on my phone. If you are after a cleaner rip of "To Live and Die In My Head", send me an e-mail and I promise I'll get around to it... maybe.

d/l here:
Brandon Hardcore: Music For The Kids

Monday, March 9, 2015

Gross National Product - Ronald McVomit's 14 Song Happy Meal 7"

Female fronted punk from Brandon, FL. 14 quick and simple songs from a recording session of 17 songs, two of which will be on the Brandon Hardcore compilation to be uploaded soon. The bass player of GNP was Bob Suren, whose full phone interview on the radio show can be found here. This 7" was released on Bacon Towne Records. From their blog, which can be found here...

"2. Gross National Product "Ronald McVomit's 14-Song Happy Meal" BTR002 1,000 copies. First 250 on hand-numbered green vinyl. Comes with comic book and poster. 50 copies come with hand-screened vellum cover."

Scans of poster and insert included in this download, but not the coloring book or vellum cover... yet. Will upload and post a link to just that on this post at a later point in time. In the meantime, enjoy the music.

d/l here:
Gross National Product - Ronald McVomit's 14 Song Happy Meal