Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One More Week of Hiatus & Searchin For The Light

Radio shows will resume when the semester starts. Showtime will be changing from 6 - 7 PM on Thursdays to sometime on either a Monday or Wednesday... new time will be announced as soon as it's confirmed. Meanwhile, here at HQ, we're working on getting the UNIFIED RIGHT live tape out before the end of January. We also did some helping out with this fanzine...

Brandon Brandt from St. Pete put out this skateboarding and music fanzine called Searchin' for the Light for FYA Fest last week. If you didn't nab a copy then, now is your chance to read the scans online. Featuring interviews with Ned of Title Fight, Soft Hoagie Rolls, Joshua Lother and Sick of Talk (which I play guitar for and will soon have a release on ECR). Get the scans here.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Semester End & Radio News

A fun last "official" day of the fall semester in the studio. 
From left to right: Street Justin, Julio, myself, Tyler, Steph, Allison and Brandon.

This semester was a ton of fun. I brought Ybor City's Mushmind in the studio for an LP listening party and interview, I got to do an in depth interview with Hanson Meyer of the original Uniform Choice line-up, and I had co-hosts frequently which made the show a lot more fun to do and listen to.

In the coming weeks I'll be continuing my show over the winter break, so keep tuning in Thursdays 6-7 PM. The archive system is currently down, but hopefully the links will go live again soon. I'll update them as soon as I know what's going on.

Clouded - Inheritance 7"

Belgian hardcore/metal-core from 1998. My friend Cory tipped me off to this on YouTube and I couldn't find a download with the tracks split up so hear it is. Also includes a fifth hidden acoustic track on the CD version. Played a track on the show last week, here's the full record.

d/l here:
Clouded - Inheritance 7"