Monday, January 16, 2017

Magnitude Fanzine - Issue #1

I'm happy to be hosting the digital release of Magnitude Fanzine #1. This zine was organized by my good friend Matt Kalbaugh. A few previews shots are below, but the full high-quality .pdf can be downloaded here. Here's the scoop on this publication:

"After months of procrastinating and attempting to put this together with no prior knowledge of zine making, numerous failed attempts at Office Depot have led me to release the first (and probably only) issue of Magnitude via the power of the internet. Contains interviews with STEP FOR CHANGE (CA), ECOSTRIKE (FL) and REFOCUS (NC), as well as record reviews and a couple little essays. Enjoy!" - Matt K.

d/l here:
Magnitude Fanzine - Issue #1

Friday, January 6, 2017

FYA 4 begins today!

Tampa, FYA 4 is this weekend. You can pick up any Exact Change release from me (Garrett) at any of the following shows. I won't have a table set up but I will have them on me, as well as some other goodies. Come check out Exact Change extended family Substance, Bind, Flamethrower, Klout, Ecostrike and Three Knee Deep. See you at the following shows!