Thursday, November 27, 2014

Krakatoa - Clouds Burned By Sunshine 7"

Two track 7" side project of Carl Skildum (Threadbare) and Dave Walker (Harvest). Recommended by my good buddy Lennon (Plead Your Case zine strikes again!) and compiled the information, music and photos from a few different blogs (Thanx to Stuck in the Past, Madblastsofchaos...) to bring you a comprehensive download. Includes scans of artwork, inserts and tracks all in one convenient place.

Originally pressed on clear and black vinyl, as far as I can tell. Would love to get in touch with any of the members to learn a little more history on the band, see if they had any other merchandise or anything.

Really unique couple of songs here. "Indulgence", the second track, is right up my alley. A great listen for the non conventional core fan.

d/l here:
Krakatoa - Clouds Burned By Sunshine 7"

Gas - No More Hiroshima 7"

Classic sounding punk from 1982 outta Japan. Originally released as a one sided flexi-disc. Couldn't find a download with the tracks split up so decided to do so myself.

d/l here:
Gas - No More Hiroshima 7"

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Radio Show Archive - Updated Weekly

This is an archive of every show that has aired so far which will be updated weekly as the new shows air, with the most recent shows being at the top.

Shows from semester one, three, four and five are totally available for stream and download on mediafire. Shows from semester two are under construction. Enjoy!

Semester Five
Show 070 - Final show. Interviews with Jeremy of Fury, Nardwuar, United Voice Records and more.
Show 069 - Exact Change Q & A. Talk show format. No archive available.
Show 068 - Aware, Cobra, Grave Goods, Dome of Obedience, Repulsion, etc.
Show 067 - Interview with Todd Youth of Warzone, Murphy's Law and more.
Show 066 - Alone In A Crowd, Mistaken Indentiy, 少女人形, Mind Funk, Nashi, Spawn, etc.
Show 065 - For Pete's Sake, Urban Blight, Snix, Rest In Pieces, etc. No archive available.
Show 064 - Firewalker, Double O, Occupied Territory, The Proletariat, Life's Blood, etc.
Show 063 - Hit List Live Set & Interview. Cassette soon.
Show 062 - Rare Demos from Bustin' Out, Close Call, Vengeance, Violent Children, etc.
Show 061 - Ramses "Demo MMXV" Live Debut & Band Interview
Show 060 - AFI, Danzig, Agnostic Front, Have Heart, Godspeed, Mean Season, etc.
Show 059 - Lethal Yellow, Vermin, Restrain, Civic Duty, Straight Savage Style, etc.
Show 058 -  No Class, Night Force, Release, Beyond, Deathtribe, Sportswear, etc.
Show 057 - Obstruct, The Freeze, Concealed Blade, Spirit Crusher, The 4-Skins, etc.
Show 056 - Funeral System, Ignite, Strife, Die Hard, Rampage, Back to Back, etc.

Semester Four
Show 055 - Discharge, Dead Stop, Laughin' Nose, Crossed Out, Morbid Angel, etc.
Show 054 - Mizery, Rest In Pieces, Allergy, The Icemen, Backtrack, etc.
Show 053 - Day of Suffering, No Tolerance, Floorpunch, Mental, etc.
Show 052 - Praise, Battery, Turnstile, Have Heart, Apology, Shades Apart, etc.
Show 051 - New Age Records Special. Pressure Release, Unbroken, Mouthpiece, etc.
Show 050 - Exact Waves Radio - Two Hour Special on "Crucial Listening".
Show 049 - Dischord Records Special. Marginal Man, Iron Cross, Scream, Dag Nasty, etc.
Show 048 - Revelation Records Special. Judge, Bold, Side By Side, etc. No archive available.
Show 047 - Black Sabbath, Venom, Bathory, Sepultura, Slaughter, etc. No archive available.
Show 046 - Circle Storm, Inner Strength, Dynamo, Day by Day, etc.
Show 045 - R.A.M.O.N.E.S., R.A.M.O.N.E.S., Ramones! All Ramones episode.
Show 044 - Outo Syojodan, Deflect, Payback, Pushed Aside, Peace, etc.
Show 043 - Total Fury, United Mutation, Discipline, Merauder, Death, etc.

Semester Three
Show 042 - Head Creeps "Lizard Kings" feature, 自由の為に, Iron Boots, etc.
Show 041 - Vatican, Subzero, Screaming Sneakers, New York Dolls, etc.
Show 040 - Walk Proud, The Repos, Ceremony, NY Hoods, Falter, etc.
Show 039 - Gas Rag, Crossed Out, Infest, Shades Apart, DiE, Insted, etc.
Show 038 - Special April Fools Day Show
Show 037 - Mobs, The Flex, Side By Side, Red Death, Carcinogen, etc.
Show 036 - Rest In Pieces, Infest, Iron Cross, G.L.O.S.S., Motörhead, etc.
Show 035 - Desperate Measures, Boston Strangler, YDI, Wrapped In Pale, etc.
Show 034 - Plead Your Case co-host. Life's Halt, Put It Aside, Enchant, etc.
Show 033 - Justice, Dayspring, Crippled Youth, Fit of Anger, Memorial Day, etc.
Show 032 - Crisis Unit Live Set & Interview. Cassette here.
Show 031 - Interview w/ Bob Suren of Failure Face/author of Cratedigger.
Show 030 - First Wednesday Show. Julio Co-Host.
Show 029 - "Moving Day". One track from each previous show. No archive available.

Semester Two 
Show 028 - Unified Right Live Set & Interview. Cassette here.
Show 027 - Massacre, Siege, Traitor Crucifix, Misfits, Gross, Discharge, etc. No archive available.
Show 026 - Bane, Breakdown, Clouded, Title Fight, Shrapnel, etc. No archive available.
Show 025 - Confuse, Deep Wound, Side By Side, Fear, Outburst, Unity, etc.
Show 024 - Q & A program with Tyler. Invasion, Overcast, Krakatoa, Godspeed, etc.
Show 023 - Motörhead, Breakdown, Lifetime, No For AnAnswer, ABombANation, etc.
Show 022 - Halloween/Black Metal playlist. Kvist, Ulver, Mayhem, Isengard, etc.
Show 021 - Tyler & Justin Co-Host. Gasenata, SSD, Free At Last, True Love, Bl'ast, etc.
Show 020 - Tyler & Luigi Co-Host. Big Boys, Krakdown, Mercy Killing, World War 4, etc.
Show 019 - Vegan Straight Edge playlist. Day Of Suffering, Green Rage, Culture etc.
Show 018 -Mushmind "Adult Interests" LP Listening Party & Interview
Show 017 -Hanson Meyer interview (Original Uniform Choice bassist). Sin 34, Saigon, etc.
Show 016 -Gas, Cult Ritual, Axis, Rest In Pieces, Burn, Burst of Silence, etc.
Show 015 -Jerry's Kids, Slap Of Reality, Strain, Cause For Alarm, Glue, etc.

Semester One / Summer

Show 014 - With Increase Live Set & Interview
Show 013 - Memorial Day, Embrace, Pity Sex, Jets To Brazil, etc.
Show 012 - FL Rules Fest Show. Crisis Unit, Hit List, Fourth Son, etc. No archive available.
Show 011 - Lockin' Out Exclusive! Crunch Time, Stop & Think, S.O.S., etc.
Show 010 - Strengthen What Remains Full Album Stream & Interview
Show 009 - Jawbreaker, Gutter Gods, Gay Kiss, The Adverts, Think I Care, etc.
Show 008 - Shadow Laughter Live Set & Interview
Show 007 - First Summer Show. Bad Trip, Powerhouse, Praise, Shrapnel, etc.
Show 006 - Farside, Spazz, Walk Proud, Inside Out, Pulling Teeth, Look Alive, etc.
Show 005 - Free Spirit, Crumbsuckers, Malfunction, The Faith, NY Wolfpack, etc.
Show 004 - Matt Co-Host. Insight, Hatebreed, ILEGAL, Mauser, Slutever, etc.
Show 003 -  Zero Boys, Wire, Stick Together, Crossed Out, Blistered, Enuf, etc.
Show 002 - Julio Co-Host. Morbid Angel, Left For Dead, Bathory, Black Flag, etc.
Show 001 - First airing. Turning Point, The Abused, Void, Warzone, etc.

Friday, November 21, 2014

In-Studio Photos & General Punk Rock Blabbing

To start off this long awaited post, here are some in-studio pictures from various times over the past semester. Feel free to send me any photos you may have snapped as a friend or guest in-studio!

Panoramic of an average day in the studio, ft. Steph.

 Group shot from With Increase's live studio performance. (L to R): Garrett a.k.a. myself, Street Justin, Will "Skates" Steinbrecher, Travis "Travvy Mac" Lowe & Doug Fore.

Some good friends and regular guests on the show. (L to R): Luigi, myself and T. Cable.

Exact Change Radio has been graciously featured in PLEAD YOUR CASE #9. Feel free to pick up a copy via the PYC online store or stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for a trivia and giveaway. I have a few copies of my own as well, so if you are in the Tampa area and want to grab one - get in touch.

Plead Your Case #9. Read up. Knowledge is power.

The following albums are coming soon for download: Brandon Hardcore Compilation: Music For The Kids, Gross National Product 7", Gas - No More Hiroshima 7" and Krakatoa - Clouds Burned By Sunshine 7". Those will all be up within the next week.

The next post will be a constantly updated archive of direct links to every radio show thus far. Hopefully this way people will be able to find my show without going through the bulls radio website. I understand it can be confusing if you're not a frequent user.

Stay tuned, this is the first of many major updates.