Friday, November 21, 2014

In-Studio Photos & General Punk Rock Blabbing

To start off this long awaited post, here are some in-studio pictures from various times over the past semester. Feel free to send me any photos you may have snapped as a friend or guest in-studio!

Panoramic of an average day in the studio, ft. Steph.

 Group shot from With Increase's live studio performance. (L to R): Garrett a.k.a. myself, Street Justin, Will "Skates" Steinbrecher, Travis "Travvy Mac" Lowe & Doug Fore.

Some good friends and regular guests on the show. (L to R): Luigi, myself and T. Cable.

Exact Change Radio has been graciously featured in PLEAD YOUR CASE #9. Feel free to pick up a copy via the PYC online store or stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for a trivia and giveaway. I have a few copies of my own as well, so if you are in the Tampa area and want to grab one - get in touch.

Plead Your Case #9. Read up. Knowledge is power.

The following albums are coming soon for download: Brandon Hardcore Compilation: Music For The Kids, Gross National Product 7", Gas - No More Hiroshima 7" and Krakatoa - Clouds Burned By Sunshine 7". Those will all be up within the next week.

The next post will be a constantly updated archive of direct links to every radio show thus far. Hopefully this way people will be able to find my show without going through the bulls radio website. I understand it can be confusing if you're not a frequent user.

Stay tuned, this is the first of many major updates.

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