Monday, July 31, 2017

Exact Change 2017 Summer Wrap-Up

Exact Change will be moving at a much more deliberate pace starting in Fall 2017, and should certainly show by Winter 2017. Until then, there has been rumblings from Exact Change that you may have missed, so here's the scoop to catch you up.

Curbed is currently writing a new chunk of material to debut the next time they play a show. With modern material and a Rampage cover in tow, Curbed hit the road and ended up on a Damaged City after show. Luckily, hate5six was there to capture the moment.

Final Say released four tracks of straight edge hardcore. Material for a 7" is surfacing between members. Over the summer months, Final Say played our first show with Bind in Tarpon Springs, another in Tampa with Curbed, then hopped on a punk show in Orlando. Final Say will be playing our next show on October 21 in South Florida for Edge Day.

Crisis Unit live tapes have sold out, but there are still a handful of Final Say, Curbed and Hit List tapes in the online store, as well as some discounted label tees. Check that out here and grab some tapes before they're gone. All orders between now and the release of the magazine will receive a promotional pre-zine sheet. Speaking of which...

Exact Change Fanzine #1 has been a long time coming. Years, in fact. You can read more about the story behind the wait in July's Core Club to be released later today. Despite the inner struggle I've gone back and forth about in my mind about the necessity (or lack thereof) of physical magazines in hardcore, I've come to the conclusion that creativity and production is vital to the life's blood of the core community and it's time to put out the magazine without excuse. Though the content has gone through several revisions, expect Exact Change Fanzine #1 with interviews with Substance, Discrepancy, Curbed, Powerhouse and more to be released by the end of August.

Check back soon for new release details.