Tuesday, August 14, 2018

United Front Issue Two (August 1988)

Here we have a true piece of Florida core history. United Front Issue Two is a slice of the scene going on in South Florida in the summer of '88, a time pivotal to all of the U.S. for hardcore music. Author "Dan" hand-writes most of this fanzine - not sure who Dan is but if anyone does know, hit me up as I would love to check out any other issues.

Reading this really put me in the shoes of what it might have been like being involved in the young Miami scene, going to house shows and obsessing over any New York hardcore one could get their hands on. Readers please keep in mind this was written at a time where being a punk often meant being shocking or offensive for the sake of turning heads, so there are some words and images you probably would not see in a similar fanzine today. Thanks to lifer Dennis Williams for hooking me up with this! Enjoy; preview images and download below.

United Front Issue Two Cover

Crossword Puzzle & Gig Review

CTHC & NYHC Reviews

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