Thursday, November 27, 2014

Krakatoa - Clouds Burned By Sunshine 7"

Two track 7" side project of Carl Skildum (Threadbare) and Dave Walker (Harvest). Recommended by my good buddy Lennon (Plead Your Case zine strikes again!) and compiled the information, music and photos from a few different blogs (Thanx to Stuck in the Past, Madblastsofchaos...) to bring you a comprehensive download. Includes scans of artwork, inserts and tracks all in one convenient place.

Originally pressed on clear and black vinyl, as far as I can tell. Would love to get in touch with any of the members to learn a little more history on the band, see if they had any other merchandise or anything.

Really unique couple of songs here. "Indulgence", the second track, is right up my alley. A great listen for the non conventional core fan.

d/l here:
Krakatoa - Clouds Burned By Sunshine 7"

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