Friday, December 11, 2015

The Believers - Demo 1987 CS

The Believers were a short lived band from South Florida in the late 80's until the early 90's. This demo could also be called the "Half Way Home Demo" but because it was originally uploaded on Soundcloud as "Demo 1987" I decided to keep it as such.

Played around the same time as Powerhouse, but gained way less attention abroad for whatever reason. No big label signing, so less of a modern following I guess? This demo is equal parts cartoon edgeman mosh, as the cover drawing would have you expect, but also a decent dose of melodic guitar work.

As far as I know this is their only recorded material aside from a compilation track on the "Notes From The South" compilation 7" on Youth Bus Records with a few other lesser talked about Florida hardcore bands Hangman, Beyond Reason and Ego-Trip. They also played a reunion a few years back in South Florida and Reel and Restless Fest. I remember this show happening, but during my "driving four hours for a show is lame" phase... also known as my "no job and no money" phase. Doy!

If you have any information about this band, please get in touch with me, I'd love to learn more. Until then, enjoy this demo of a decent length!

d/l here:
The Believers - Demo 1987

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