Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Slap of Reality - Stuck Inside 7"

Melodic punk/hardcore band from Brandon, FL. This was their first 7" and contained more of an edge than their later releases, which veered in a far more pop direction. I picked up this copy of the 7" from Planet Retro in St. Pete, which Rob Sexton, the drummer of Slap of Reality, now runs.

Their most recent show was June 20th, 2014 in Lakeland. Other than that, they haven't played around much very often. I tried getting in contact with a few of the members to let them know I was posting this and get any more information on the release and the band, but haven't heard back from them yet.

The record wasn't in the most perfect condition and I didn't do any editing other than ripping the songs from vinyl to mp3 (thanks Matt D.), so expect some pops and imperfections. Scans of the insert included in the download.

d/l here:
Slap of Reality - Stuck Inside 7"

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