Monday, July 14, 2014

Awake! - Beliefs 7"

Another record I picked up at Planet Retro in St. Pete of another Brandon hardcore band. Signed by two of the dudes on the back and some really great photos inside the 5 paneled insert that I included in the download. This record was recommended to me by my pal Jullian B., who did a really great write up a few years back in his zine about Awake! that I might take the time to scan and upload later.

Four tracks of pretty interesting melodic hardcore straight outta 1989 that have singing, shouting, and even a rap part. The record itself was, again, in pretty rough condition, so quite a few noticeable pops in the quieter parts... did the best I could to fix the pops without damaging the audio. If you have better quality rips of this record let me know because I can't find it in full anywhere else.

The copy I own also seems to be a second pressing as it is pressed on black vinyl and neither TPOS or Victory records are credited. A few scans of that pressing are available on discogs.

Again, many thanks to Matt D. for helping me rip the audio from this and the next few records I'll be posting.

d/l here:
Awake! - Beliefs 7"

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