Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ego Trip - Together In The Mind 7"

Finally! I have been seeking out the Ego Trip 7" since around this time last year when I uploaded the Beyond Reason 7" and Notes From The South Comp and I finally got my hands on a copy to upload for you all. Big thanks to my friend Bobby J for biting the bullet and getting a discogs account to pick up some old South Florida hardcore (maybe I'll get a discogs... eventually... nahhh) including this 7".

Another Youth Bus Records release, put out in 1991. The record comes with a pretty awesome lyric booklet that I have also included in the download. Two page spread with photo and lyrics for each song. Rich Thurston (Culture, Timescape Zero, etc.) played in this band. Though released in '91 I definitely hear a lot of late 80's hardcore influence on this record. Can't say how happy I am to finally be able to hear and share this. Please enjoy!

d/l here:
Ego Trip - Together In The Mind

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