Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saigon - Annihilation 7"

I was lucky enough to have Hanson send me the mp3's of this record after our phone interview. One song from this 7" was played on last weeks show, so now you can check out the rest. Here is a small blurb of how Hanson described Saigon...

"The band Saigon formed in Orange County, California sometime late in 1980 or early 1981 and played the circuit throughout southern California until 1982. The band members were: Todd A. Hall – Vocals; Jessie Bingaman – Guitar; Adam Maples (aka. Adam Bomb) – Drums; Eddie Wayne – Bass.

In 1981, Saigon released its only record as an EP on their own label, WWIII Records(...) The band was influenced by many early New York and California punk bands and Todd styled his live performances after Iggy Pop. They played with other local bands such as Christian Death, Lost Cause, the Lewd, Hari-Kari, the Dischords and Modern Warfare, but even played with punk legends such as the Misfits(...) In 1982, Saigon disbanded when Adam and Eddie made the move to record and tour as permanent members of the band Legal Weapon(...)

All songs copyrighted 1981 by Saigon."

You can read more about Saigon via Hanson's YouTube channel, specifically here.

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Saigon - Annihilation 7"

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